Q: Does someone over 21 have to be there to receive the order?

A: Yes. There must be someone over the age of 21 and with an ID. Please ensure that this is possible or you will incur additional shipping charges.

Q: I am ordering from a Shul. Do I have to pay sales tax in New York?

A: No. Just send us the tax exempt form so we don’t get audited.

Q: How exactly does your free shipping work?

A: A case of wine is twelve bottles. Any multiple of twelve ships for free.

Q: I have a huge order that will blow your little online-retailer mind away; can I negotiate a better price?

A: It takes a lot to blow our minds away but yes, we can negotiate if the amount is right.

Q: I need help putting a case together to order. Can someone help me choose?

A: Absolutely; we’d love to help you. We offer real time chat most hours of the day. Please click on the bottom-right chat box to start.

Q: I would like to include a message; can you include a letter in the delivery?

A: Absolutely, just forward us the details. As long as it’s nice.

Q: I have a great multi-level marketing plan that you’d be interested in, can I pitch it to you?

A: Yes. We have one for you as well.

Q: Can I have my order gift wrapped?

A: Yes. we have gift wrapping options available.