Shipping & Returns


Any orders made through this website are for adults 21 or over. We take our responsability to keep alcohol from minors seriously and reserve the right to ask for proof of age at any point. All orders shipped must be signed by an adult over the age of 21 who can provide identification on the spot. Otherwise the package will not be left!

Orders Outside of New York

The following states have laws in place that make it illegal for any wine retailer in New York to ship to:

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Texas, Utah, South Dakota, North Dakota & Rhode Island.

In addition to the restrictions on the sale of wine all spirits cannot be shipped outside of New York. We will under no circumstances make exceptions, as this would violate the law.

Our free shipping offer extends from the East Coast to the Midwest but shipping costs for the West Coast prevent us from offering free shipping. We would, however, offer a discounted price on shpping for those who wish to order from us. Please contact us at Thank you.

Return Policy

Any sales made through the website are final. All breakages must be reported to us within two business days. Any exception is at our discretion and may be subject to a shipping/restocking fee.


Please allow two business days to process your order and perhaps longer during our holiday season. Most orders will however be processed and shipped same day or next day. We offer free shipping on a case of 12 bottles. All multiples of twelve ship for free. The case can be mixed, it does not need to be the same bottle of wine.

Purim Items

We do not offer free shipping options for the “magnum” bottles of wine. Instead we will mark the wine as low as possible in order to compensate for the additional shipping cost.


We do not finalize payment until we have sealed your order for shipment. Due to the fluctuations in the cost of shipping, cost of wine, and inventory; we reserve the right to change the order before we process payment. We will contact you if an issue arises and do our best to accommodate your initial order or recommend a substitute before we take payment


All in-state shipments are subject to sales tax.


All photos are stock photos provided by our suppliers. All shipments of wine will be for the currently available vintage. If you have any questions as to what vintage is current for any wine please contact us.