Glenrothes 750mL Select Reserve


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From The Glenrothes: Produced to the same exacting quality standards as the Vintages, Select Reserve is a vatting of casks distilled in different years.

It has been crafted to typify all that is The Glenrothes in its early prime. What we call the ‘House Style’. Laden with ripe fruits, citrus, vanilla and hints of spice, the Select Reserve is the essence, the very heart of The Glenrothes range in terms of taste and flavour. From this expression all other Vintages are born.


Wine Cask
No Finish Long and slightly spicy
Aroma Rich fruit aromas and toffee notes Color Pale golden
Palate Full malty flavour, medium sweet, vanilla and orange zest Alcohol% 40%



Glenrothes 750mL Select Reserve

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